Brad Parker

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Long Beach, California

Favorite Spots

My Backyard Turnbull Canyon Mountain Bombs

Best Thing Ever


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Chevy Van Wooo!

Brad Parker

Timeship Team News

Dump Road Cali Outlaw

Dump Road has been skated on and off as an outlaw track since 1997. Its called Dump Road, well, because its a dead end road leading up to a dump …

Barrett Junction Outlaw

Barrett Junction has been a solid fixture in SoCal Skateboard/Luge racing for over 15 years. Located 26 miles inland and 2 miles north of the Mexican border you enter a …

Rumble at the Ranch, Jimmy Wins!

Early in December Timeship and the rest of Resource Distribution got the pleasure of hosting the inaugural Rumble at the Ranch. LET THE RUMBLE BEGIN!! RUMBLE AT THE RANCH (R.A.T.R) …

Team Members

  • Brad Parker
  • Robin McGuirk
  • James West
  • Ryan Ricker
  • Key Dougherty
  • William Royce
  • Troy Grenier
  • James Tracey
  • Jimmy Riha
  • Andrew Schumaker